“Dear Social Media Overwhelm,
It’s not me… it’s you. And it’s over.”

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This Is For The Entrepreneur Who's Ready To Do Fewer Things, Better

It’s time to stop wondering how others are locking in clients, leads and sales from social media.

Read on for an important message about creating Stories... to make sales, and save time.

From the desk of the laziest Social Media Educator, Elise Darma

You’re ready to break up with the overwhelm of posting to Stories.

It’d be fun, they said. It’d be easy, they said.

And yet, it seems like every entrepreneur around you is celebrating another client, another sale, another student who found them on social – BUT HOW?

The problem? 

Creating and editing Stories sucks you into a black hole of Perfectionism and (sometimes) the annoying twin sister, Procrastination

And then when the Story finally gets posted?… 

Grasshoppers. (Crickets always get a bad rap.)

If you’d know you’d be spending all this time crafting “pretty” and “on brand” Stories with zero engagement in return, you wouldn’t have EVER hopped on this hyped-up train. Am I right?

This is exactly what I thought when Stories first came out in 2016.

I saw people around me spending soooo much time perfecting their Stories, editing them in 12 different apps so they looked “on brand” and I thought, “Nope! I got better things to do.”

Maybe you can relate?

  • ​Maybe you’ve tried a few of the trendy apps, but don’t see any uptick in your followers, leads or sales?
  • Maybe you’ve been too darn overwhelmed with the thought of being “camera ready” and looking "put together enough"… that you just ignore Stories altogether?

After trying all the apps and editing techniques myself, and not seeing a smidge of difference in my engagement, I almost gave up on using IG Stories entirely.

That was until one day, I noticed a peculiar pattern in my business.

Just like the weather seasons, my business had seasons of different goals.

Sometimes it was Visibility and other times it was Lead Generation...

That’s when I had an epiphany.

Could I apply the idea of “seasons” to my Stories… and show up in a way that was aligned with the season that I was currently in?

I put my theory to the test, and it worked like gangbusters. 

Engagement? Leads? Sales? 

Check. ✔️ 
Check. ✔️ 
Check. ✔️ 

Imagine dramatically reducing the time you’re spending on social media, but seeing a 2x or even 5x return on your effort?
  • ​Imagine going from invisible to hearing, “OMG I *always* look forward to your Stories!” without ever having to download another trendy editing app ever again?
  • Imagine jumpstarting your followers, engagement, leads AND sales – in as little as a day or week?
USE THE Story Seasons Method TO...
get new followers
Open up your Instagram app and see 20 new followers who found you overnight – and better yet – they're your perfect customer avatar.
And not just bot messages either. I'm talkin' hot leads sliding into your DMs... who are ready to book your coaching, services or offers.
sell your offers
...And then promptly send me a Direct Message saying, "I can't believe it Elise – I just booked ANOTHER client from Insta!"

After using my Story Seasons Method on myself as a guinea pig, people started asking me how my coaching and course-based business was still growing… 

Even Though I Had Virtually Stopped Posting To My Feed. 🙊


Story Vault 365 is an entire YEAR’s worth (that's 365) of strategic Story prompts covering the four seasons of business growth:


This is for the busy B2B entrepreneur who wants to leverage the power of Stories without the pain-in-the-butt feeling of, “What do I share today?”

Story Vault 365 is perfect for COACHES and CONSULTANTS (in the B2B niches), FREELANCERS, AGENCIES, and COURSE CREATORS who don’t want just random (and fruitless) Story ideas… 

But prompts they can choose from based on the season of biz that they’re in.
5 leads came directly from Instagram and revenue was $1,776
I know this is just the beginning!
tatiana amico, BUSINESS COACH


  • Get visible in your market… so that you go from being invisible and unknown to “OMG I love watching your Stories!"
  • Boost your engagement... so that you never get a “crickets only” response to your Stories again
  • ​Get qualified, ready-to-buy leads so you can build up your email list or book out your call calendar
  • ​Lock in chart-topping sales to your programs, products and offers (so you can STOP aimlessly posting on social media and actually see a return from it!)

Using The Story Seasons Method, Story Vault 365 Meets Your Business In Its Current Season

...And give you an ENTIRE year’s worth of unique Story prompts and ideas, so that you’re no longer invisible on the world’s #1 social media app
...So that you’re not just posting pics of your morning coffee, but actually generating visibility, engagement, leads and sales
be your content planning guide
...Giving you a fresh Story prompt based on the season that you’re in. Plus, you'll be able to build in a reminder of who to follow up with – either in Trello or Google Sheets.

 Visibility Booster Prompts (value $47)
In a season of just needing to be seen? Feel like your current audience is tapped out, and you're needing a breath of fresh followers?

Get new eyes on your profile and bio by choosing from the 90 “Visibility Booster” Story prompts – and use Stories to get shiny new followers. 

(There’s even a separate column for you to plan which prompts you’d like to share this week, and then mark as “Shared” when completed.)
 Conversation Starter Prompts (value $47)
Feeling like your Stories and posts are met with cricket sounds? No one answered your last poll – again? (Don't worry – it happens to the best of us.)

You, my friend, might be in a season of needing to generate engagement. Choose from the 94 “Conversation Starter” prompts to re-warm your followers back up to you… and just have friendly chats again!
 Lead Generator Prompts (value $47)
In a pre-launch phase and need to grow your email list, get more qualified calls booked in, or just get more replies and DMs? 

Sounds like list-building and lead generation are your focus right now… so you’ll select prompts from the 91 (aptly named) "Lead Generator" prompts. Put those call-to-actions to use and watch as your DMs… (as the kids say)... blow up! 

Plus, don’t forget to follow up with your warm leads. Keep track of them all in the “Follow Up With…” column.
 Money Maker Prompts (value priceless just kidding $47)
Exciting times… are you running a live launch or actively selling an offer? And you’re finally ready to use social media to A.B.C. (Always Be Closing)?

Browse the 90 prompts in the Money Makers category… and strategically drive on-the-fence buyers to your Direct Messages where you’ll close the sale.
 25 Magic Questions (value $37)
Never again be stuck on how to end your Story with an enticing call-to-action (CTA). 

Choose from this list of 25 “must answer” questions that invite viewers to hit reply and send you a message! Hollah!
 Creating Stories for Instagram 101 (value $37)
Whether you’re new to Stories or a seasoned pro… watch this in-app tour to get up to speed on all the many money-making features hidden inside of the world's #1 social media app.
 The Secret Sales Formula of Stories That Sell (value $37)
Learn the sales formula that’ll put you ahead of 90% of your competition. Most people post to their Stories with no plan and little context. 

Discover the 3-step formula that’ll set your Stories up for success with your viewers meaning: views, replies, leads and sales.
 On Camera Training For The Camera-Shy Person (value $37)
As a former broadcaster and alumni of Canada’s #1 University broadcasting program, discover my 3 secrets to speaking on camera, including how to look good, speak smoothly – and not feel like a bumbling klutz while talking to a piece of metal and glass. #LetsBeReal

At the end, you’ll feel excited to show up on video (and have a few tricks up your sleeve on the days where you do NOT!).
 Access to Elise Darma's Money Vault Club on Facebook (actually priceless)
Stay connected with me and other like-minded entrepreneurs who all have the same goal: using social media intentionally and strategically. 

And join in on my monthly Office Hours to get your questions about Instagram or online business marketing answered by yours truly.
90 Visibility Booster Prompts (value $47)
94 Conversation Starter Prompts (value $47)
91 Lead Generator Prompts (value $47)
90 Money Maker Prompts (value $47)
BONUS: 25 Magic Questions (value $37)
BONUS: Creating Stories For Instagram 101 (value $37)
BONUS: The Secret Sales Formula of Stories That Sell (value $37)
BONUS: On Camera Training For The Camera-Shy Person (value $37)
BONUS: Access to Elise Darma's Money Vault Club on Facebook (priceless)
Total Value: $336
Today’s Price: $27
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I busted my assss this week in the DMs and closed a sale for $680 and then had a sale off eBay. I have another pending sale! She’s so close to pressing submit payment.
I regularly make $5,000 to $10,000 on a weekendI'm closing in on over $20K in sales in the last 2 months from Insta alone!
Take A Peek Inside Story Vault 365...

And YES! Story Vault 365 Works For Other Channels:

  • ​​Blog Posts
  • ​LinkedIn Posts
  • ​Facebook Posts
  • ​Podcast Topics
  • ​YouTube Topics
  • ​Live video streams
  • ​Captions for Instagram


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A Key Idea I Shared Recently That Made Someone Else Say: "I never thought of that before!"


4 Ways My #1 Offer Gives Transformation To My Students/ Clients, Not Just Information


Even If You Already Tried [COMMON PATH], Here's Why [OFFER] Will Still Work For You
Lock In This Price While You Can – It Won’t Last!
Story Vault 365 is a special offer and the price will be going up soon. 

You don’t want to miss this incredible opportunity to use Stories with strategic intention – and see actual *sales* come from your efforts.
90 Visibility Booster Prompts (Value $47)
94 Conversation Starter Prompts (Value $47)
91 Lead Generator Prompts (Value $47)
90 Money Maker Prompts (Value $47)
BONUS: 25 Magic Questions (Value $37)
BONUS: Creating Stories For Instagram 101 (Value $37)
BONUS: The Secret Sales Formula Of Stories That Sell (Value $37)
BONUS: On Camera Training For The Camera-Shy Person (Value $37)
BONUS: Access To Elise Darma's Money Vault Club On Facebook (Priceless)
Total Value: $336
Today’s Price: $27
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Time Is Of The Essence. Here’s Why.
Stories are growing in popularity more and more each day. And *your* people are there. Hanging out. Without you.

If you’re not showing up for them TODAY… well, waiting another 3 or 6 months to get started is only going to mean you’ll be further behind in a saturated market when you DO decide to start.

My students who see the most success are those who TAKE ACTION.

I encourage you to take action today while the opportunity is here – and while the price is so low.
 Categorized to cover your business seasons
 Written for business-to-business
 For on-camera, "talking head" Stories or text-based posts
 Designed for you to use the features *within* Instagram (no extra apps or editing programs needed)
 Perfect for sparking topic ideas for other channels: blog posts, podcasts, YouTube videos, or LinkedIn posts
 Random, generic, or fluffy ideas
 Focused solely on "pretty" or "on-brand" Stories
 Black hole time-sucks
 An arsenal of paid editing apps that'll keep you busy - pinching your phone – instead of selling your offers.
 Something you'll use once and forget about because the ideas are bland or the tool doesn't fit into your business
90 Visibility Booster Prompts (Value $47)
94 Conversation Starter Prompts (Value $47)
91 Lead Generator Prompts (Value $47)
90 Money Maker Prompts (Value $47)
BONUS: 25 Magic Questions (Value $37)
BONUS: Creating Stories For Instagram 101 (Value $37)
BONUS: The Secret Sales Formula Of Stories That Sell (Value $37)
BONUS: On Camera Training For The Camera-Shy Person (Value $37)
BONUS: Access To Elise Darma's Money Vault Club On Facebook (Priceless)
Total Value: $336
Today’s Price: $27
Or Check Out With >> PayPal
Watch this video to get 12 sample prompts – for free.


"How much time is required?"
How does 5 minutes a day sound? With the 365 prompts, you could spend just 25 minutes a week on creating Stories that get you REAL visibility, engagement, leads and sales.
"How fast can I expect to see results to my business?"
It all depends on what season your business is in. If you're in a season of needing more visibility, use the Visibility Booster prompts to get more eyeballs on your profile today.
"What if I’ve never used Stories for Instagram?"
New to Stories? NO problem! I've created a bonus just for you: Creating Stories for Instagram 101. Go through this training and get up to speed on all the features!
"I've already bought a course for Instagram. How is this different?"
Story Vault 365 *isn't* a course – it's a bank of ideas and prompts that you can have instantly... so that you're never stuck on what to share in your Stories. Plus, the prompts are strategic, designed to give you more visibility, engagement, leads or sales!
"How do I make sure I use Story Vault 365 consistently?"
Good thinking! The 365 prompts come in two formats: Google spreadsheets OR a Trello board. Choose one or both of these tools (whichever one you use most often in your business) and make Stories a part of your daily routine. 
"What if I can’t commit to being on Stories each day?"
No worries at all. There's no rule that says you must share to your Stories a minimum of each day (though... that would be great for your business). Show up as little or as often as you'd like!
"When do I get access to the prompts and bonuses?"
Pretty close to INSTANTLY! Once you finish the checkout process right here, you'll soon receive an email with all the access information you need to log into your very own private portal where your prompts are waiting for you.
"What exactly is a prompt? Is it a fill-in-the-blank script?"
No, these prompts are NOT done-for-you captions or scripts that you repeat. They are more like ideas or topics that you use as a jumping off point for what you want to share. If you want to see 12 prompts in action, click HERE to view my YouTube video.
"Do I need specific software to use Story Vault 365?"
Yes, you'll access the 365 prompts through 2 free tools (your choice on which one you want to use – or both!): Google Spreadsheets (comes with your free G Suite account) OR Trello (a free project management tool that you can sign up for a trello.com).
"What if I prefer YouTube / live-streaming / blogs / podcasts / etc. instead"?
No problem. You can apply the prompts to other channels, like: Blog Posts, ​LinkedIn Posts, ​Facebook Posts, ​Podcast Topics, ​YouTube Topics, ​Live video streams or Captions for Instagram.
"What if I decide Story Vault 365 isn’t for me?"
Due to the digital nature of this product, we don't offer refunds at this time. So all sales are final. With that said, if you have any issues or questions at all, my team is just an email away! Reach out to support@elisedarma.com.
"I’m already in InstaGrowth Boss. Is this part of it?"
No, Story Vault 365 is a totally separate product. InstaGrowth Boss is an online course that covers Instagram marketing for businesses today (get started for free HERE). Story Vault 365 is an entire YEAR’s worth prompts covering the four seasons of business growth: Visibility, Engagement, Leads and Sales.
"Will you be releasing more prompts in the future?"
Maybe. Probably! You never know ;)

But what I DO know is that you get forever access to the product, including any future updates (AKA if and when I add more prompts in the future).
"Are these prompts specific to any industry? "
The 365 prompts are NOT written specific to one industry. They *are* written for the B2B space, however. So if you're a business that targets other businesses – perfect!
"What if I target consumers, not businesses?"
You *do* have the option of amending the prompts to suit your target consumer. However, keep in mind that they were written for businesses to target other businesses.
Each time we've worked with Elise at Teachable, she's gone above and beyond in her workshops by providing so much value to our audience. She is not just an expert in her field but also has a gift for sharing that knowledge in an easy to understand, actionable way.
The Instagram Funnel Bootcamp is a LIVE group experience.
  • I’ve been a social media marketer since 2013 – yes, even before the app became the #1 social app in the world.
I know you see a lot of people jumping on the bandwagon these days because it’s hot, hot, hot –

But I’m that person who’s actually grown multiple accounts for a ton of industries (from real estate to fashion to beauty to travel) for the past 7+ years AND I’ve taught 1000s of people how to do it for themselves.
  • I’m not just a “Social Media Queen,” but a trusted business coach.
My superpower is seeing your business from 30,000 feet up in the air – spotting where your messaging is off, where your offer needs tweaking, or where your customers are getting lost.

I’m an agency owner, a service provider, a marketing consultant, a speaker, a copywriter and a trusted instructor of both Later and Teachable, where I’ve hosted workshops for their customers. 

If Teachable (valued at $134+ MILLION dollars) trusts me to teach their customers… 

And Later (a partner for Instagram) flies me to their studio in Vancouver so that I can film two workshops for their 1,000,000+ customers… 

You can feel confident you’re getting coaching from the best of the biz.
  • I’ve helped my students and clients earn almost $1,000,000 in revenue directly from social media – and counting.
From copywriters, to plastic surgeons, to Amazon shop owners, to property managers in France… 

If you’re ever wondering if I can truly help *your* unique business make money on social media…

The answer is a resounding YES. 

The question is: are you ready to stop wasting time on the app and turn it into a revenue stream already?
  • I’m a nice Canadian gal, through and through.
My students say they work with me because I’m down-to-earth, transparent and genuine (and not just in that trendy way). 

With me, what you see is what you get.

I’ve been working for myself for 7 years+ as an entrepreneur (and nope, I didn’t have a rich boyfriend or rich parents) so I know what it’s like to make it happen.

I’m living proof that it’s possible and my mission is to help you get there as fast as you can.
In terms of Instagram experts, Elise is at the top of her game and truly understands the platform inside and out. We've worked with Elise on two separate workshops and they have been some of the best performing content we've produced all year. I always look forward to working with her and learning from her.
I’m a marketing coach and consultant for entrepreneurs who are ready to stop wasting time on social media and actually make money from it.

I'm known for my social media teaching, but what keeps people sticking around and even flying to Bali or Lisbon to meet up with me in real life? (True story.)

I help you get paid

Because money is freedom and freedom means working for yourself, working from Hawaii, or even working from your couch in your jammies.

My favourite thing ever is seeing the lightbulb go off when you realize that it IS possible – and then sharing in your glee when that first client booking or Paypal notification comes in.

I’ve been featured in publications such as Forbes, Entrepreneur, Brit + Co, Elite Daily, Teachable and Later for my marketing expertise.

And now I can’t wait to help you dominate your Stories.
As Seen in...
What’s standing between you and profitable storytelling – 
all from the world's #1 free app?
90 Visibility Booster Prompts (Value $47)
94 Conversation Starter Prompts (Value $47)
91 Lead Generator Prompts (Value $47)
90 Money Maker Prompts (Value $47)
BONUS: 25 Magic Questions (Value $37)
BONUS: Creating Stories For Instagram 101 (Value $37)
BONUS: The Secret Sales Formula Of Stories That Sell (Value $37)
BONUS: On Camera Training For The Camera-Shy Person (Value $37)
BONUS: Access To Elise Darma's Money Vault Club On Facebook (Priceless)
Total Value: $336
Today’s Price: $27
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fact: random STORIES
don’t GROW a business.
That’s why you’ll incorporate the Story Seasons Method where you'll plan out your Stories with strategy and intention... so that you're totally aligned with what your business needs the most – this season.
No more random, fluffy ideas. 

No more forced Stories that don't match what your business NEEDS the most today.

No more feeling like, "Uhh... I know I need to show up, but how? What do I say?"
Implement the Story Seasons Method into your business today by unlocking Story Vault 365. You get instant and forever access to everything inside this treasure trove of goodness.
When you click the GREEN button below, you’ll be brought to a checkout page where you can enter in your payment information directly.

This is a special offer and will be going away soon.
90 Visibility Booster Prompts (Value $47)
94 Conversation Starter Prompts (Value $47)
91 Lead Generator Prompts (Value $47)
90 Money Maker Prompts (Value $47)
BONUS: 25 Magic Questions (Value $37)
BONUS: Creating Stories For Instagram 101 (Value $37)
BONUS: The Secret Sales Formula Of Stories That Sell (Value $37)
BONUS: On Camera Training For The Camera-Shy Person (Value $37)
BONUS: Access To Elise Darma's Money Vault Club On Facebook (Priceless)
Total Value: $336
Today’s Price: $27
Or Check Out With >> PayPal
Within the course of two months, I'm bringing in about $10,000 worth of businessAnd I have over 1,100 followers.

It's really been one of the best things ever for me.
Pretty and on-brand is fine, but those Stories take TIME. And apps. And multiple re-takes. And ugh.

I'm on a mission to change the focus from pretty to REVENUE generating. Because that's where us CEOs should be spending our time, right?

If you're with me, unlock Story Vault 365 today and implement the Story Seasons Method into your business ASAP. I've created prompts you can use each day for the next entire year, if you'd like! 

Everything you need to finally use Stories in a way that makes an actual impact in your biz... is on the other side of this signup page.
90 Visibility Booster Prompts (Value $47)
94 Conversation Starter Prompts (Value $47)
91 Lead Generator Prompts (Value $47)
90 Money Maker Prompts (Value $47)
BONUS: 25 Magic Questions (Value $37)
BONUS: Creating Stories For Instagram 101 (Value $37)
BONUS: The Secret Sales Formula Of Stories That Sell (Value $37)
BONUS: On Camera Training For The Camera-Shy Person (Value $37)
BONUS: Access To Elise Darma's Money Vault Club On Facebook (Priceless)
Total Value: $336
Today’s Price: $27
Or Check Out With >> PayPal
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